Friday, October 31, 2014


As Halloween is here creepy and scary movies are a hit. After watching some classic movies myself, I dug up my Ghostface 12 inch figure to celebrate Halloween and at the same time relive the glory days of classic horror movies. I hope you like him. Again Happy Halloween to everyone.
One of the best old school scary movie, Scream.
Just like in the movie Ghostface’s costume is mostly black. Black shoe, black pants and black hooded cloak. He came with his favorite murder weapon a dagger. As his name suggests, the main focus of the costume is his mask.
Ghostface is a serial killer and the prime antagonist in the Scream series.  
A friendly Ghostface giving peace sign.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Firefly is a fictional character in the comic book world of Batman. The character was created by France Herron and Dick Sprang. His first appearance was in Detective Comics number 184 published by DC comics.
Before adopting the name Firefly, Garfield Lynns was a pyrotechnic expert in the film industry. Due to several circumstances Garfield lost his job. In order to survive in Gotham Garfield turned to petty crimes. Later on Garfield incorporated his talent in pyrotechnic and moved up the criminal ladder and became an arsonist. From his M.O. he became known as Firefly.
Scroll down to see Firefly in his Arkham Origins video game costume!
Detective Comics #184 debut issue of the villain Firefly
Firefly has about eleven points of articulation. What he lacks in articulation he definitely made up in the amount of sculpted detail, paint job and accessories.
Firefly carrying his custom made flame thrower.
At the back, we can see two holes for attaching his flight wings.
Closer look at Firefly’s wings. Again nice detail and paint application.
Wings attached.
Firefly figure completely assembled. For me the Firefly figure is the most impressive among the Arkham Origins wave 2 figures. The sculpting detail, the texture of the figure, the nice paint application plus his weapon system made him stand out among the other figures. Figure highly recommended!


Slade Wilson more often referred to as Deathstroke is one of DC’s most dangerous villain. He started as a military service man then later on became an assassin. Deathstroke is an expert on fire arms, edge weapons and on various martial arts. Deathstroke is a member of the Suicide Squad. Most recently the character of Slade Wilson was the featured villain in the TV series Arrow.

Deathstroke first appeared on DC comics New Teen Titans #2

Deathstroke action figure has around 20 points of articulation and came with several weapons among them is a metal staff.

Deathstroke's signature mask.
Shiny metallic paint for Deathstroke’s body armor.

Slade with his .50 cal dessert eagle pistol

Among his accessories Deathstroke came with a sword.

Manu Bennett as Deathstroke on the hit TV series Arrow.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014


A super villain in the world of Batman, Killer Croc was created by writers Gerry Conway and Gene Colan. He was drawn by comic book illustrators Don Newton and Curt Swan. Killer Croc first appeared in Batman number 358 published 1983.
Killer Croc’s real name is Waylon Jones. He was born with a rare skin condition that worsens over time and ultimately transformed him into a reptilian like creature hence the nick name Killer Croc. When he was a young kid Waylon was abused by his guardian. Finally the day came when Waylon snapped and killed his abusive aunt for treating him wrongly. The murder of his aunt kick started Waylon’s criminal career until he was defeated by the dark knight.
Batman #358 published 1983
DC Collectibles’ Killer Croc stands at around 10 inches and has excellent articulation. Similar to the Arkham Origins Series 1 Bane figure, Croc came in a box instead of the standard bubble plastic.
Killer Croc’s reptilian body was well detailed and was painted just as well as it was sculpted.
Killer Croc with his evil smile.
Croc’s scaly back.


Floyd Lawton more popularly known as Deadshot is a fictional character created by Bob Kane, David Vern Reed and Lew Sayre Schwartz. Deadshot made his first appearance on Batman volume 1 number 59 published 1950.
Deadshot is a mercenary boasting to be the world’s greatest marksman. He is a former member of several super villain groups such as The Killer Elite and the Secret Six. He is finally recruited by Amanda Waller to be a member of her black ops team known as the Suicide Squad.
Batman volume 1 number 59 (1950)
DC Collectibles presents Arkham Origins Deadshot.
Although he did not have any accessory with him, Deadshot has more than 20 points of articulation. Kudos to DC Collectibles for making such a well articulated figure. Keep it up! Diorama is not included with the figure.
Excellent detail !!! Excellent paint job !!!
Much like his opponent Batman, Deadshot uses a computerized eye patch to aid him in his mission.
Deadshot’s foot wear is nicely sculpted and taking a closer look you’ll notice that he has ankle articulation which greatly helps to balance the figure.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Lonnie Machin also known as Anarky is a fictional character created by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle. He first appeared in Detective Comics number 608. Anarky has exceptionally high level of intelligence and is knowledgeable in computer hacking and engineering. As for his combat abilities, he is well versed in several fighting styles which make him on par with the great detective. Anarky had run-ins with other characters such as Tim Drake, The Justice League and Green Arrow.

Anarky debuted in Detective Comics number 608.
Anarky came as part of Arkham Origins wave 2.
The figure has around 15 points of articulation including a double jointed knee.
He also came with a bottle of Molotov cocktail as an accessory.
Anarky’s hood is made of a soft rubbery plastic material similar to his jacket sleeves. The face mask has a little scratch but aside from this minor flaw. The paint application on this figure is great.
Minor detail such as pin buttons on his jacket adds up to his character.
His knee pads are a perfect cover for the double joints.
A well detailed foot ware as well.
Anarky’s jacket sleeve is made of soft rubbery material, his joints are hidden inside. The backpack is detailed with sculpted straps and safety pins.

Molotov cocktail



Sunday, October 19, 2014


Black Mask or Roman Sionis came from a wealthy family much like the Wayne’s. While Bruce was raised well by his parents, Roman was neglected causing him to hate them. Finally Roman snapped and murdered his parents as well as burning his own mansion. Left with immeasurable amount of fortune from his parents Roman started to create businesses to cover up his illegal trade. Accumulating riches and power Roman became the biggest crime boss in Gotham.
Black Mask’s debut issue was in Batman #386 published way back 1985.
DC Collectibles Black Mask action figure has around 9 points of articulation, his more of a statue than an action figure.
Diorama sold separately.
Closer look at Black Mask’s head sculpt.
Roman Sionis carved his mask from his father’s coffin.

For the most part the figure lack’s detail,
but the head has nice sculpted detail on it.
Black Mask came with two silver pistols.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is back as the dark knight in another hit video game. Arkham Origins is the third title to be released from the Batman Arkham game series. Once again Batman will be facing some of the most dangerous and notorious villains inhabiting Gotham. From the games trailer Batman will be facing death stroke, killer croc, firefly, anarchy, bane, copper head, joker and a new villain called Black Mask how’s that for a villain line up. I guess that’s why the video game fans are excited about the game. But in my case I’m more of a comic book fan of the caped crusader. That being said I got Arkham origins series one mostly due to the characters new appearance.

On to the figure review then. Scroll down to meet Batman in his Arkham origins costume.

Batman out of the box and ready to kick ass.
Base not included in the figure.

Arkham Origins Batman figure was sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios. The figure features around 20 points of articulation. As we all know DC Collectible figures are famous for their statue like figures, but this time Batman came with some extra articulation.

Check out the facial expression and the bat logo, as always excellent sculpting detail.

Batman’s utility belt is simple but it gets the job done.

Now the footwear is impressive in my opinion. The joints are well hidden as well.

Batman’s cape is made of a soft rubbery material.