Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Snake Eyes is the G.I.Joe team’s hand to hand expert and trainer. He is proficient in several hand to hand combat styles and is an excellent marksman. But Snake Eyes' specialty is in the use of edged weapons, particularly with the katana. He was trained by the Arashikage clan along with the ninja in white, Stormshadow.

Slip cover with excellent box art of Snake Eyes.

At the back of the inner box is a black & white photo of Snake Eyes.

Snake Eyes out of the box and looking good.
The armor in particular looks excellent.

Snake Eyes carries his scabbard at the back, as well as several pouches.

Aside from the fist hands Snake Eyes came with a pair of open palm,
a pair of relaxed palms.

A pair for holding guns and  a pair for holding his swords.

Closer look of his chest armor and head.
Check out his visor and the Arashikage logo in his shoulder armor.

Another thing that got my attention is the pair of boots.
Look at the detail in the boots.


Stay tuned for the second part featuring Snake Eyes and his weapons.



Nightcrawler is a fictional comic book character published by Marvel Comics. He is part of the X-men team and was created by artist Dave Cockrum and writer Len Wein.  Nightcrawler debuted way back 1975 in the Giant Size X-men #1.

Nightcrawler’s main ability is teleportation; he can pop up anywhere he wished to. Aside from teleportation, Nightcrawler has unmatched agility.  He has dark blue/ indigo skin tone and has only three fingers and toes.

Giant Size X-men #1 (1975).

Nightcrawler out of the box.
He has around 16 points of articulation.

Nightcrawler’s tail is flexible and can be posed easily.

Excellent paint job and sculpting on Nightcrawler’s face.
Nightcrawler did not have any accessory, but he came with a nice base.

Here is the box art at the side of the box.

Nightcrawler from the movie X-men 2.
He was portrayed by actor Alan Cumming.





The Sewer Spinnin' Skateboard is one of the smaller vehicle set released as part of Nickelodeon TMNT wave one. More like Mickey's toy rather than an actual fighting vehicle the sewer skateboard packs a lot of fun and tricks. I'm sure kids would enjoy performing the more than ten tricks featured by the Sewer Skateboard.
The Sewer Skateboard came in a small and simple packaging much like the Rippin' Rider.
The box art with Michelangelo riding the skateboard is pretty good.
At the back of the box, it shows the tricks that can be done with the actual skateboard.
The Sewer Spinnin' Skateboard came with several sticker to enhance the set and an instruction manual showing how to perform all the tricks.
Here are the skateboard and the stunt ramp.
Michelangelo checking the wheels before performing tricks.
(The switch at the bottom of the skateboard allows you to use both front and back wheels or just the back part. Several tricks require both and others need just the back part. )
Mickey happy with his ride.


Following the success of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle TV series, Pop Vinyl has also released their TMNT Classic merchandise. Being a fan of the old and new TMNT TV series I just couldn’t resist the urge to buy them. So without further delay, here’s Pop Vinyl TV series number 60 to 63 the Classic TMNT set.

Pop Vinyl’s box is very collector friendly. It has a nice window in front so you can see the figure. Here at the side is a photo of the figure and its corresponding number. The box can be easily opened and when your done can be sealed afterwards.
Figure number 60 is non-other than Donatello. Donatello is the brain of the group. He wields the bo staff and uses the color violet.
Next is Raphael at number 61. Hot tempered and strong, Raphael uses twin Sai and uses the color red.
Number 62 is the lean mean pizza eating machine, Michelangelo. Mickey loves to party all the time but bad guys be wary, Mickey is a master nun chuck user.

Finally we got number 63 Leonardo. Leo is the leader of the group. Blue is his favorite color and swords are his preferred weapon.