Sunday, August 28, 2011


Name: Remy Etienne LeBeau
Place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana
Alias: Gambit
Team affiliation: X-men
Abilities: Manipulation of potential and kinetic energy.
Created by: Chris Claremont and Jim Lee
Published by: Marvel Comic

Marvel Select Gambit (short hair version)

Gambit came with his staff, two triple cards, one single card and two extra hands.

For his background/stand, he came with this danger room diorama.

Gambit practicing with his staff in the danger room.

This figure has more articulation than other previous Marvel Select figures.
Gambit throwing his Ace's.

Another view of the throwing action.


Monday, August 22, 2011


This is my second purchase from Art Figures. He is a Navy SEAL member and resembles Lt. A. K. Waters from the movie Tears of the sun. The movie was released back in 2003 and focuses on a group of SEAL's that performed a rescue mission in Nigeria. This figure's uniform, weaponry and accessories resemble that of what Lt. Waters had in the movie. Plus the head sculpt looks more or less like Bruce Willis, so it is safe to say that this figure was based on the character of Lt. Waters.

Here is the box. It is similar to the packaging of its first release "The Punisher".
As you open the box, a nice background photo is printed on the flap.

Lt. A. K. Waters had a black under shirt, woodland BDU and a weathered boots.

I think the Lt. loves knives. He had a total of three different kinds on him.
One is located on his right thigh, the second on the lower left leg and the third is attached to his harness.
He also came with a left drop down holster for his M1911 side arm.

Lt. geared up and ready to go.
He uses the Load Carrying Equipment (LCE) with two small arms ammunition pouch, canteen pouch,
a pouch for his radio and a butt pack.

Back side showing his butt pack, water canteen and radio.

Close up of his M1911 pistol with suppressor.
I don't know why they provided this side arm because in the movie he was using MK23 SOCOM.

Head sculpt close to actor Bruce Willis.
Nice detail in his ear piece.

His M4A1 with a scope and only two spare mags.
I think additional ammo would be great.

I added a fore grip and a laser pointer to his M4A1.

He had bendy hands with finger less gloves.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Back when Hot Toys was still producing military figures this guy popped out, but unfortunately I was not yet into collecting 1/6th figures. A few months ago (around July I think) I was fortunate enough and saw this figure go on sale so here he is.

Standard 1/6th scale figure box.

Here he is out of the box wearing ACU pattern uniform.
Check out the detail on his knee pads.

SIG Sauer P250 with spare mag and tactical light (right of holster)

Close up of his drop down pouch.

Tan body armour. He came with two knives, one is attached to his belt (below the body armour)

He is wearing a recon vest. His second knife is attached to his pouch.
One problem with this figure is that there were no extra mags for his M4 nor for his HK417.

Close up of his P250 with the tactical light attached.

One of the weapons that he had was his trusty M4 with M203.
Attachment such as ACOG scope and AN/PEQ-2 were provided.
Again no M203 rounds.

HK 417 sniper rifle. He also carries a huge back pack.
The back pack can store his rifle and has a hydration tube attached to it.

His HK 417 has excellent detail and can be stripped.

Night Ops photo

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Ninja or shinobi are skilled assassins from Japan. Unlike the Samurai, they employ stealth and avoid open encounters. As such they are more suitable for missions like reconnaissance, intel gathering or as a spy. They  excel in throwing weapons, the use of poison and knives as compared to the Samurai's sword. They are also trained in hand to hand combat. This skills along with their wide array of weapons makes the ninja one of the deadliest in their time.

Kunoichi Female Ninja

The clothe costume is nice and hides the body form.

Kunoichi with her Tachi.

From left to right. Die-cast kunai, shurikens and tetsu-bishi.

Die-cast Tanto (small blade), Tachi (sword) and trident.

Dei-cast Kyoketsu-shogei.

Kunoichi drawing her sword

Like in some anime she is fond of using kunai.

A ninja may stab its pray while he/she sleeps.

Crazy owners kunoichi figure came with ample die-cast weapons, the figure's costume was decent and the figure itself was well articulated. I may get one or two more of this ninjas in the future.